Sumo Citrus

Driving demand for an American citrus pioneer

Sumo Citrus® are easy-to-peel, uniquely delicious and large mandarin oranges that once people try, they’re hooked. But, they sit in the produce aisle and are priced 4x higher than the other citrus competitors that look very similar. Our challenge was to help Sumo Citrus stand out on shelf and to inform consumers during its short in-season timeframe on the positive and differentiating attributes that make eating a Sumo Citrus a fun and tasty experience.

The Work


Using the storytelling platform “Some Gifts Grow on Trees,” we kick-started momentum during this time-limited season with unique media gifts, resulting in 86.8 million impressions.


As part of our shopper marketing strategy, we created posters to educate produce managers on all the greatness Sumo Citrus has to offer, paying off the bold in-store shippers that captured the attention of consumers.


We executed an efficient geo-targeted, digital strategy to make our core consumers aware of Sumo Citrus around the retailers where product was sold.


We invited our influencer partners out to Sumo Citrus farms to better understand how the fruit is grown so they could authentically share the brand story through original content, which supported awareness at a national level.


Social community doubled during the 4-month campaign.


Named a top Pinterest trend for May 2019 with searches up 365% YoY.


First ever marketing push resulted in 18% brand awareness in just 3 months.