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Co-founder Sarah Haberman shares her perspective on the importance of passion projects.

March 2023

Here at Haberman we have a non-traditional marketing agency approach. That said, we do not only believe in telling the stories of pioneers but we also believe in giving our employees the opportunity to tell their own stories. After a year of employment at Haberman, employees are encouraged to take pride in their passion projects outside of work. Passion Projects are beneficial for employees because it can support their well-being and mental health by allowing them to be multi-dimensional beings and explore their interests. These projects exemplify experiential learning, which is vital in professional development and building culture. 

Most recently, Jeff Berg, a creative director + partner at Haberman, took advantage of this opportunity by allowing the agency to support his passion of running with his project called “The Pickle Juice Project”. His documentary film is all about capturing the human experience of midwest trail-runners. 

We are excited to see what our staff is passionate about outside of the workplace, and we are even more thrilled to support the visions for their lives.

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