60-year-old cyclist rides 5,000 miles to support national nonprofit Trips For Kids

August 2019

The Live Your Best Ride is now rolling! Our client Robert Gay, Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Zevia, is bicycling from the Pacific coast of Washington to Key West, Florida. Inspired by the life of his brother, he’s raising awareness for the nonprofit Trips For Kids. Robert says, “I have no business biking across the country. I’ve only ever cycled a few hundred miles outdoors. But is there ever a ‘right’ time? Turning 60 years old this year and losing my brother was the spark I needed to finally live my best and do something I’ve always wanted to do. I’m humbled that Zevia wants to support me, and I’m excited that my personal journey might help kids and inspire others to pursue their biggest dreams.” Follow along at



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