Friday Friends: Carrie Hobbs

April 2021
Carrie Hobbs
Carrie Hobbs, iO Collaborative

As modern storytellers, we thrive when collaborating with and learning from others. Our team dedicates time each month to gather and learn from clients, community leaders, and those that inspire us. These lunch and learn sessions keep us curious and help us craft authentic and genuine stories on behalf of our partners across all different industries. 

This month’s guest speaker was Carrie Hobbs, an OD consultant that works with companies to emphasize the importance of having a leader in every seat. We learned a lot, but most importantly that there’s always the potential for more, for better. As an agency, we are looking forward to implementing her learning mindset and inspired by her commitment to collaboration. We are so thankful for Carrie and her dedication to transformative leadership and storytelling. 

Be on the lookout for the branding work we did with Carrie Hobbs, coming soon!

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