Boston Scientific (NEW)

Changing minds about medical technology for the heart

Boston Scientific, the makers of life-changing medical devices, has partnered with Haberman over the years to support numerous initiatives for its Rhythm Management division. We’ve presented Boston Scientific as the innovative category leader, targeting doctors in ways that appeal to their tech-forward and engineering mindset. Along the way, we’ve also stirred emotions with patient storytelling and messages of hope.

The Work

Rhythm Management Integrated Campaign

The Rhythm Management business line improves outcomes and enhances patients' lives with the most advanced technologies available, from pioneering ICD innovations to the RHYTHMIA Mapping System for unprecedented diagnosis. Haberman developed and revealed a campaign touting Boston Scientific’s leadership across the variety of technologies at HRS, one of the industry’s most prominent tradeshows. The work included striking booth materials and a dynamic video.

Launching Breakthrough Technology

Haberman supported the launch of HeartLogic (Heart Failure Diagnostic), a dynamic technology that sends alerts to doctors, turning reactive care into proactive care. We delivered the branding, messaging, collateral, physician materials and multiple videos to support the product launch.

Patient Stories

While most of the marketing for Boston Scientific is B2B, its cardiac team wanted to reach patients and their loved ones. This audience didn’t need more technical information — they needed hope. They needed to understand how a device would change their life. So, we let the cameras roll on real patients sharing their own success stories. We also leveraged a storytelling platform — For all the right reasons — to frame the personal reasons (and benefits) behind the devices, from family to joy to giving back.