Gold’n Plump

Keeping it fresh with bold creative

Haberman worked with Gold’n Plump for half a decade, telling their story just about everywhere: TV, radio, print, digital, social and out-of-home. Thanks to our long-lasting partnership, we had the opportunity to align brand messages with product and seasonal campaigns throughout the year to make a bigger impact. Our creative concepts—from Homegrown Right Here to Jimmy Shaker—came to life across channels to bolster brand awareness, loyalty and sales.

Product Introduction

When Gold’n Plump asked us to introduce SHAKERS, we decided to go big—as in big personality. With Jimmy Shaker, a fitness fanatic with an odd passion for product-related workouts, we pushed the brand in a new direction while staying true to its mission.

Grillers Campaign

For the launch of their artisan chicken sausages, we got creative on social media and in digital, mobile and radio ads.

Brand Messaging

We keep finding new ways to bring the brand to life, reminding consumers that good chicken—no "unwanted stuff"—is raised right.