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New campaign: Feeding America launches free digital platform to rescue food!

August 2021

Haberman helped launch a new campaign for MealConnect, Feeding America’s free, easy-to-use website for retailers to donate wholesome surplus food directly to local network food banks and pantries. The new campaign shows how rescuing food can be as easy as peeling a banana, twisting a cap, or taking a gulp of a beverage. The campaign, which includes a digital campaign theme of simplifying food rescue was created to present a fresh call to action for food retailers to donate surplus food items through MealConnect’s convenient process.

The free digital platform, which has helped rescue over 3 billion lbs. of food, connects retailers to local nonprofits to donate surplus food with a few simple steps.



Launched in 2017 by Feeding America®, the nation’s largest food rescue organization, MealConnect has linked retailers with 10,200 nonprofit partners to coordinate more than 7.2 million pickups to date, and rescued over 3 billion lbs of surplus food.




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