Our Approach

Modern storytellers for pioneers®

Storytelling is universal—it’s as ancient as humankind and has always been interactive between the storyteller and the audience. Humans are hardwired to understand the world through storytelling: it shapes their beliefs, choices and behavior. It’s a great responsibility, and we step up to this responsibility mindfully and respectfully.

Our Values

Shaping the way we work and live


We recognize that we are people first, and employees/clients second.


We champion curiosity and advance the craft of modern storytelling.


We take risks, embrace vulnerability and share lessons learned.


We’re selective and collaborative with whom we work and inclusive in the work we create.

Our Culture

How we move in the world

Each person in our crew brings a completely different story, approach and vision for the future. What ties us together: the desire to merge our narratives into a greater, more powerful whole, one that makes everyone under our roof feel connected, fulfilled and energized. That’s why we work hard to match our storytellers’ passions with the work they get to do every day. And it’s why we challenge each other to keep growing, learning—and always making time to have fun.

Our People

A partner-owned practice

Things we don’t compromise on: the quality of our people and of our work. Our leadership team embodies the Haberman values, and infuses them into every relationship and project. We nurture that commitment through a partnership-based ownership model, with several of our team members holding a personal stake in the success of the agency.

Fred Haberman

Co-founder + CEO

Sarah Haberman


Brian Wachtler

President + Partner

Doug Moore

Chief Commercial Officer

Our Story

Meet our founders

In 1994, Fred and Sarah Haberman opened shop in their Minneapolis duplex with one mission in mind: tell the stories of pioneers making a difference in the world.

They had been marketing managers, PR and organizational development consultants. But before that, they were adventurers. They’d been all over—from Kazakhstan where they started the first U.S. office-products business, to leading tour adventure travel groups in the remote areas of the Himalayas, to the wilderness of the Boundary Waters.

Experiential learning, indigenous wisdom and servant leadership inform the origin story of Haberman.

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One thing they learned along the way: no matter where you go, people have transformational stories to tell. And some stories can have a huge impact on the world.

The stories in Haberman’s client portfolio reflect what our founders care about. Good causes. Good food. All things organic. Health and wellness. New technology. The great outdoors. Plus hockey and horses.

Fred loves hockey so much he created the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, growing it into an annual event drawing well over 20,000 players and spectators from across the country. A long-time social entrepreneur, he also co-founded Urban Organics, one of only two USDA-certified organic aquaponics facilities in the country.

And because he’s never done innovating in the organic food space, Fred also founded Freak Flag Organics, a line of fully organic pestos, condiments and broths designed to inspire creativity in cooking.

At the same time, Sarah is pursuing a lifelong passion by serving as an equine-facilitated guide, a coach who connects humans with horses—remarkably sensitive, intuitive animals—to explore new depths of social and emotional intelligence. It’s a growing field and we’re proud to have Sarah among its pioneers.

Good stories. Good causes. Our founders are big fans of both. We’re lucky to work with clients who are, too.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Haberman is on an ongoing path to educate ourselves, personally and professionally, working to create an inclusive, safe and open place for all.

We believe our commitment and work will help us become more conscious humans, build a more inclusive agency/industry and develop work that authentically represents the client/communities we serve.

We dedicate resources to provide our team with guidance and insights, participating and supporting organizations focused on making positive change in our communities, and actively recruiting and hiring BIPOC employees and partners.