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Haberman is seeking a self-starting analytics professional who’s ready to join a growing mission-based team. You’re well-versed in using data to drive smarter media and creative decisions and would be excited to contribute to an integrated team who embraces the idea that data can inform more effective brand stories, and in turn generate greater returns on marketing investments.

You’re fearless in Excel. You enjoy going under the hood of major advertising platforms such as Google, Meta or Amazon, and can stitch tracking and reporting together across different platforms to be able to report on the most important goals for the brand and business. To that end you have your Google Analytics or equivalent analytics certification(s).  You’re fearless about solving the latest riddles in the way the technology is working, and not working – all in the name of generating good, clean reporting and information to teams to make better decisions.  You’re still at the point in your career where you are learning what data matters and how it’s used, and want mentors to help you connect your work to the bigger picture. You have plenty to learn – while wanting to grow into the role of being the datateller, the person who explains what the data means. You’re eager to be part of a collaborative group ready to soak up your insights, ask really good questions, and support your development.


  • Supporting and enhancing Haberman’s measurement approach through smart tagging, trafficking and reporting methods
  • Standardizing the analytics approach across all accounts
  • Setting up and maintaining performance dashboards
  • Managing multiple client and media data sources, including retail sales data sets and media performance data sets from paid, owned and earned tactics
  • Supporting the identification of correlations across and within paid, owned and earned tactics to support channel mix and optimization opportunities
  • Support selection of test and control groups so they are well matched and client/agency teams have high confidence in the reported results
  • Staying up to speed with the latest platform changes and, as needed, educating internal teams and clients about analytics trends, tools and opportunities
  • Over time growing into a more proactive role contributing to the continuous improvement of client media performance and creative effectiveness by being in the data and surfacing insights to the teams – influencing the storytelling around the data itself


  • 1-2 years at an agency or client, in media and analytics platforms (preferably Google Analytics), with brands spending $2M or more annually in paid media
  • Highly skilled in Microsoft Excel
  • Skilled in the full Google stack (priority) and Meta (secondary) platforms to support media teams in troubleshooting analytics or performance issues, finding optimizations and bringing new insights into reports and planning sessions
  • Expertise in using Google Tag Manager, Telium, or another tag management system
  • Ability to navigate data and enable what a high-performing media team needs to see and report in order to drive client results
  • Strong analytics skills, especially in knowing what can be measured and the different types of attribution. 
  • Implementing repeatable tagging, trafficking and reporting processes
  • Good organizational and time management skills
  • Familiarity with the process to create data visualizations from raw data using advanced Excel functions, Google Looker Studio, etc.
  • Eagerness to explore and stay up to speed on the evolving martech/adtech stack, and desire to learn fast how to best test and leverage automation and other tools

Characteristics of Modern Storytellers

  • Our mission speaks to you: To tell the stories of pioneers making a difference in the world.
  • “Whatever it takes” is just how you roll. That’s how Haberman gets world-changing results for our clients.
  • You’re curious. As in, late night, all day, one more page, one more link, keep asking questions curious.
  • You’re a natural born, career-honed, supernaturally blessed, idea weaving communicator.
  • You’re brave. You will walk out with a rock and a sling. You will face the blank canvas. Grinning.
  • You’re OK with being vulnerable. You’re OK asking for help. You’re willing to trust a team member.
  • You either never had an ego or you had it surgically removed. Collaboration is as natural as breathing.
  • You assume positive intentions. Gotta problem? No prob. Get past it. Address it in 48 hours, if not sooner.
  • When you hear the word “creative,” your immediate response is, “Aren’t we all?” No. Boxes. Here.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter detailing why you feel you’re a fit for this position to Please include “Media Analyst” and your name in the email subject line. No calls, please.

Haberman is an Equal Opportunity Employer.