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A Q&A with Haberman’s newest team member and Account Director extraordinaire, Kelli Bovin

September 2023 — Kelli Bovin

At a Glance

  • Account Director Kelli Bovin was drawn to Haberman’s unique entrepreneurial spirit, mission-focused mindset, and appreciation for modern storytelling.
  • She believes her broader, large-agency experience combined with Haberman’s personal approach will lead to new opportunities for both the agency and our clients.
  • Kelli describes Haberman’s integrated approach as one of collaboration, flexibility and specialization—something larger agencies can’t often match.

Meet Kelli, a seasoned agency leader and Haberman’s newest team member. We asked Kelli to share her perspective on why she chose Haberman, what she’s excited about bringing to the team, and her vision for the agency’s future.


What is it about Haberman that captivated you and impacted your decision to join our team?

I was familiar with Haberman long before I interviewed to join the team. The agency’s reputation is excellent. Fred and Sarah Haberman had the courage to launch an agency that represents brands with a unique entrepreneurial spirit, a mission-focused mindset, and an appreciation for modern storytelling. I also value these beliefs and goals. The opportunity to join an agency where this has been an approach for over 25 years is impressive. I wanted to be a part of that and help move it forward.  


Tell us a little bit about you and your background in the industry. What are you excited about bringing to Haberman as our newest Account Director?

Prior to Haberman, my career had primarily been with larger agencies—ones that are international with thousands of employees, owned by parent companies. I was seeking something special, unique, and personal, a place where I could make an impact on a day-to-day basis as well as long term. I have found Haberman to be that place. 

Case and point: during the interview process, I was pleasantly surprised with the personal attention the team provided me. I talked with and received follow-up emails not only from recruiting and HR, but from every person I spoke with on the leadership team. I had clarity around every question I asked. It felt like we were sincerely interviewing each other rather than just them interviewing me. 

I believe my broad experience, combined with the personal approach at Haberman, will be a powerful force. I’m excited to bring that to the table for our internal teams and for our clients. 


“By implementing an approach of always learning, we can continually answer our clients’ needs and give their leadership a level of trust in what they’re doing.”


Our mission is to tell the story of pioneers making a difference in the world. How do you see yourself achieving that through championing the expansion of client relationships? 

Our clients benefit daily from the personal attention they receive. I’m excited to offer recommendations built around their specific business goals and the conversations we have about how Haberman brings something different to the table. For our media clients specifically, we’re able to bring optimizations and measurements in real time. We offer opportunities to save money while driving results. 


What is unique about Haberman’s integrated approach to services and what is your perspective and hope for Haberman’s future? 

Integration means collaboration, both internally and externally. Specific to media, our plans are flexible and provide ongoing learning. Our positioning is to “find heat” around audiences, markets, and more. By implementing an approach of always learning, we can continually answer our clients’ needs and give their leadership a level of trust in what they’re doing. It’s been amazing to see this approach come to life on brands like Daiya and Pacific Foods. Larger agencies often don’t provide that level of specialization. We’re seeing how beneficial it can be for our clients.

I’m excited to be at Haberman and I’m excited to see what the future holds for the Haberman team and our clients.

Account Director

Kelli, Haberman’s newest Account Director, is a brand and marketing leader with over twenty years of invaluable agency and client-side experience. From Hormel, to McDonalds, to Schwan’s, Kelli brings a proven track record of helping brands evolve, stand apart, and thrive—especially in the CPG space.

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