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Dogs are the best. They make even everyday moments awesome. That’s the idea at the heart of our work for Stella & Chewy’s, the makers of raw freeze-dried and frozen pet food.

Charming content is the star, reaching across social and through digital video, search, contests and influencer outreach, celebrating the joy our companions bring us—and how pet parents return the love with tasty, nutritious food.

Product Launch Campaign

Dogs and devotion go hand in hand. In our campaign to introduce new kibble products to the market, we celebrate that devotion—and the everyday ways pet lovers go above and beyond for their companions.

Hooky Day Campaign

An extension of our brand and product campaign work, Hooky Day was our chance to surprise and delight. On behalf of Stella & Chewy’s, we arranged a day off for a few lucky pet parents (and their pups!) and let the cameras roll on the big moment.

Meal Mixers Campaign

Meal Mixers—little nuggets of raw goodness that can be added to dry dog food—are an easy way to make mealtime way better. Every day. Our campaign is all about that everyday awesomeness, brought to life in videos and supported by search, social and influencer outreach.

Cause Campaign

Adult dog adoption is a cause near and dear to Stella & Chewy’s heart, which led to the creation of a cause program, Stella & Chewy’s Journey Home Fund. We produced a series of videos with partner Ben Moon to capture the raw emotion and beauty of the incredible bond that forms between pet and pet parent.

“I can’t get enough of the Chewy’s Chicken Meal Mixers... that stuff is fur real. It’s the talk of the dog park—no lie!”

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