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Chopped Kits are Taylor Farms’ fastest growing segment 
and they lead with 33% market share and solid distribution. However, too few consumers know who they are or what 
sets them apart to drive future growth.

The multi-year Taylor Farms Chopped Kits campaign leverages a digital-first paid media strategy to efficiently and effectively reach and convert new consumers.

Media Flighting

Through close collaboration with the Taylor Farms team and frequent market analysis, we reprioritized markets in between each media flight focusing on those with the right mix of ACV, BDI/CDI and sales performance.

Based on media campaign performance and sales analysis, the channel mix and creative storytelling has evolved year-over-year to improve campaign performance and ROI.

Paid media campaign performance resulted in a 4% lift in brand awareness and nearly 6% lift in brand preference, purchase intent and familiarity.

In addition, paid media campaigns have consistently garnered 20% more efficient CPMs vs. goals on key social platforms resulting in more affordable reach.

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