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Organic Valley is the largest cooperative of independent organic farmers in the country. Haberman told their story for 18 years, establishing these pioneers as authorities in organic food, family farms and sustainability.

In helping them reach an ever-expanding audience—with PR, influencer strategy and event marketing—we fueled not only the growth of a billion-dollar company but the organic movement as a whole.

Media Relations

Media Relations

We developed a range of compelling farmer stories to support consumer and trade media relations efforts, as well as internal farmer communications. 

Stories of farmers innovating with solar panels and wind turbines shed light on the progressive side of dairy farming, while inspiring other coop members to consider similar efficiencies.

Additionally, our support of OV’s Generation Organic program shed light on the next generation of co-op members passionate about farming, an effort that’s helped recruit more young farmers over the years.

Thought Leadership

In addition to our work with farmer-owners, we also established a thought leadership program grounded in what’s authentic about OV in order to credibly influence perception. We identified platforms such as sustainability and organic standards, which helped establish the brand and CEO George Siemon as a subject matter expert.

This holistic and long-term PR campaign has elevated OV and positioned them as a leader in the category both nationally and regionally.

Product Campaigns

As the chocolate-milk-as-performance-fuel movement rose from trend to universal truth with consumers, we ensured Organic Valley products were central to those conversations. We looked at the trend and used it as a long-term platform to give more relevance to new product introductions.

We repositioned the staple (and somewhat tired) Organic Valley Chocolate Milk using third-party research to tout product benefits that, at the time, hadn’t yet been elevated in the minds of consumers.

Chocolate milk as performance fuel served as a multi-year message that also extended to support new product innovation outreach. We partnered with celebrities to seed our message and products among fellow athletes, influencers and media who could help propel the message.

“Chocolate milk is an awesome post-workout snack and it’s delicious, too. I like Organic Valley chocolate milk served ice cold after I go for a long run or do a power Vinyasa class. I pour it over a large glass of ice and savor it as I cool off.”

Kristin McGee

Our Results
  • Thought leadership, ideas, insights and impressions that helped grow the business from less than $100M in topline sales to over $1B

“What a pleasure and what fun it has been to work with Haberman. They have proven how powerful storytelling is. The Organic Valley story is a genuine and beautiful story of the success of hundreds of families working together. I can't think of a better agency to help us tell that story.”

Theresa Marquez, former Chief Marketing Executive

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