Driving engagement with meaningful stories

When our partnership began, Volvo wanted to set itself apart from the competition and engage buyers from a different angle. Working in their favor was nearly 100 years of history—marked by industry-changing innovations in safety, durability an environmentally-sensitive design. Our challenge was to tell the brand’s story in a way that not only reinforces Volvo’s core values but makes an emotional connection with the audience.

The Work

Volvo for life Awards Cause Campaign

Ordinary people sometimes do extraordinary things. To honor these everyday heroes, Volvo and Haberman created the Volvo for life Awards. A first-of-its-kind corporate social responsibility initiative and a high-profile New York media event, the multi-year awards program enlisted the help of big names like Jon Stewart, Hank Aaron, Paul Newman and Bill Bradley. Volvo provided $1 million to hometown heroes, recognizing their contributions in safety, the environment and quality of life—three areas that happen to define Volvo as a brand.


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Alex’s Lemonade Stand Cause Campaign

Haberman helped take the story of Alex’s Lemonade Stand—one little girl’s big idea to raise money to fight cancer—to national audiences (with the help of local Volvo dealers).

PR Week award for Cause-Related Campaign of the Year

3 Million Reasons Campaign

One man. One car. Millions of miles. Haberman brought to life the incredible story of science teacher Irv Gordon, who, in 2013, clocked three million miles in his 1966 P1800 Volvo.

Meet man who drove 3 million miles in one car

Teacher racks up 3M miles on his 1966 Volvo


media impressions